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KCBC Agriculture Working Group Webinar

  • 20 Feb 2024
  • 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM (MST)
  • Virtual


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KCBC Agriculture Working Group

We are pleased to announce the 2024 KCBC Agriculture Working Group Webinar will take place on:

  • Tuesday, February 20 at 20:30 MST (Alberta time)
  • Wednesday, February 21 at 09:30 KGT (Astana time)

This year the theme will be:

Agriculture technologies with a focus on digitization, sustainability and climate smart agriculture

It is well recognized that Canada and Kazakhstan share many similarities in climate and geography and face many similar challenges around agricultural adaptations to changing environmental conditions. These changes include substantial reductions in dependable rainfall and access to water sources.In order to meet growing domestic needs as well building expanded international trade relations, Kazakhstan looks to enhancing its agricultual productivity and sustainability in the comng decades. Improving agricultural practices using current digitization technologies and addressing current challenges in water management and variable drought conditions is pivotal to a sustainable agricultural base.

KCBC Agriculture Working Group Webinar

Co-Chairs: Marat Beksultanov (KZ) and Aarij Bashir (Canada)


KCBC AG presenters profiles >>

22:30 MST/09:30 KGT - Opening remarks and introduction of Co-Chairs 

Frank Kense, Regional Director, CECC

20:35 MST/09:35 KGT - Welcome remarks

Margaret Skok, Former Ambassador of Canada, Senior Fellow at the Carleton University

22:40 MST/09:40 KGT - Opening Remarks by Co-Chairs

Marat Beksultanov (KZ) and Aarij Bashir (Canada)


22:45 MST /09:45 KGT

Marat Beksultanov - CEO GEOBOX 

22:55 MST /09:55 KGT

Richard Paisley - UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

23:00 MST /10:00 KGT

Aliya Svanova - Aytas Agro LLP 

23:05 MST /10:05 KGT

Andrew Pylypchuk - Earth Daily Agro

23:10 MST /10:10 KGT

Askhat Zhanibekov - COWMAS 

23:15 MST /10:15 KGT

Ludovic Capo-Chichi - Researcher University of Alberta

23:20 MST /10:20 KGT

Rinat Fazlbekov  - Scientific Research Institute for Plant Protection and Quarantine

23:25 MST /10:25 KGT

Stephen Hume - Prairie Eco-Integrated Solutions

23:30 MST /10:30 KGT

Kairat Bissetayev - Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers of Kazakhstan

23:35  MST / 10:35 KGT

Jack Behan - HerdWhistle

23:40  MST / 10:40 KGT

Makhabbat Salimova - Eurasia Group Kazakhstan


23:45/10:45 - Q&A and wrap-up discussion

23:55/10:55 - Closing Comments by Co-Chairs

For more information about KCBC Agriculture WG, please, reach out to:

Frank Kense

Regional Director, Alberta Chapter   

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Plenary Session on the margins of PDAC 2024

March 3, 2024 at 5PM

In this insightful Plenary Session, the Kazakhstan Canada Business Council (KCBC) unites visionaries, thought leaders, and industry experts to embark on a meaningful discussion around innovation and sustainable business solutions, knowledge sharing and exploring technological advancements that will help shape a sustainable future between Kazakhstan and Canada.   Working groups in the areas of Mining, Education and Agriculture are taking place in the lead up to the plenary session, exploring these and other topics; their work feeds into this session, providing a further platform to advance business opportunities, cooperation and business growth.

Plenary Session Participants: Governments of Kazakhstan and Canada, Embassies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Canada, National Atomic Company «Kazatomprom», Cameco Corporation, National Company «KazakhInvest», Canada Eurasia Chamber of Commerce (СЕСС), International financial institutions and business leaders of two countries.

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About KCBC  

The Kazakhstan Canada Business Council (KCBC) was established in October 2015, with former CEO of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, Askar Zhumagaliyev, and CEO of Cameco Corporation, Tim Gitzel, serving as co-chairs. KCBC's main objective is to enhance collaboration, trade, and investment between Kazakhstani and Canadian entities. The council brings together businesses from both countries biennially to address cooperation and trade-related matters, supported by both governments, fostering a robust relationship between Canada and Kazakhstan.

Merchandise trade between Canada and Kazakhstan reached almost $1.3 billion in 2022. Top imports continue to be uranium ($897 million) and silver ($224 million) while top exports consisted of data processing machines ($12 million) and agricultural/mowing machinery ($11 million).   

The upcoming edition of KCBC in 2024 will showcase three working groups and a Plenary session, offering diverse opportunities for in-depth discussions and collaboration.


About organizer: CECC

Canada Eurasia Chamber of Commerce (CECC) is the only recognized organization at the moment that officially promotes bilateral trade and business cooperation between Canada and countries of the post-Soviet space. Our broad office network covers Canada and emerging markets in Eurasia - a viable entity delivering relevant services to a broad membership base across 13 time zones.

Since 2004, CECC has received numerous recognitions from Canadian and foreign governments for contribution to development of bilateral trade and investment relations. 


For more information about KCBC Agriculture WG, please, reach out to:

Frank Kense

Regional Director, Alberta Chapter