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Advancing towards a net-zero future

01 Sep 2022 9:37 AM | Vera Dedyulya (Administrator)

Hatch commends the governments of Canada and Germany for their leadership in accelerating the global clean energy transition with announcements for the battery metals and hydrogen markets.

August 26, 2022

Joe Lombard, Hatch’s Global Managing Director of Metals, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at this week’s Canada-Germany Business Summit 

Joe Lombard, Hatch’s Global Managing Director of Metals, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at this week’s Canada-Germany Business Summit.

This week, the governments of Canada and Germany came together to discuss two key areas of cooperation as we move towards a net-zero future, announcing partnerships to advance the countries’ battery metals and hydrogen markets. 

These announcements position both countries as leaders in these markets. As an active participant in both the battery metals and hydrogen sectors, and as an organization focused on building practical solutions to combat climate change—with presence and projects throughout both Canada and Europe and around the globe— Hatch looks forward to continuing to partner with governments and organizations throughout these two countries and beyond to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Supporting a hydrogen supply chain

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a new partnership between Canada and Germany to establish a transatlantic hydrogen supply chain. 

Hatch congratulates both governments for their leadership in accelerating efforts to deploy hydrogen in the green energy transition. Hatch believes that to achieve our global goal of a low carbon future, hydrogen will play an important role. A future with hydrogen will allow for largely separate energy systems— electricity and natural gas—to become an integrated and complementary energy network.

EverWind Fuels LLC has engaged Hatch to support the engineering design of the initial phases of their storage terminal, located in Point Tupper. The project will develop the site to be a regional green hydrogen hub for Eastern Canada by using wind power to create hydrogen and ammonia, which will then be exported using the site’s significant existing infrastructure, including a deep-water port capable of accommodating some of the largest vessels in the world. Ahead of the announcements from the Canadian and German governments, EverWind and Uniper also announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding for Uniper to purchase green ammonia from EverWind. That ammonia would be shipped to Germany, where it can be used as fuel to replace natural gas or converted back into hydrogen.

Both governments noted the opportunity for development in the Atlantic region of Canada, with Chancellor Scholz stating, "In the long run, the real potential lies in green hydrogen from the wind-rich, thinly populated Atlantic provinces.” Hatch fully agrees and we look forward to working with EverWind and other clients to bring this vision to life.

Partnering for battery materials

Also announced this week during Chancellor Scholz’s visit to Canada was the signing of a cooperation agreement between Canada and German carmakers Volkswagen and Mercedez-Benz for Canada to provide battery materials such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt. This agreement will help both companies with their electric-vehicle expansion strategies. Both companies will work with partners to convert Canada’s minerals into batteries at factories in both Europe and North America.

Hatch is at the forefront of the battery market, providing full-service solutions along the entire value chain from business advisory to mining and processing battery-grade chemicals, to battery cell manufacturing and application, and, finally, to battery recycling. With our extensive metallurgical and implementation expertise, as well as technology offerings, we're partnering with our clients across Europe and around the globe improve their business case, helping them make more informed decisions. 

“We are thrilled about the announcements this week that will position Canada and Germany as leaders in hydrogen and battery materials. We see the tremendous opportunities for both countries and Hatch as we lead the world in our net-zero goals and are proud to be working on these ground-breaking projects,” shared Joe Lombard, Global Managing Director, Metals, Hatch. 

Hatch possesses world-class engineering capabilities across the full hydrogen and battery materials landscapes. Our engineering experience gives first-of-a-kind projects their best chance at success. We work with technology manufacturers and research partners to constantly pursue state-of-the-art solutions in both industries as we work towards a future shaped by a sustainable global society.

To learn more about Hatch’s full-service solutions across the battery value chain, visit  Battery market solutions.

Learn more about how we’re building practical solutions to the combat climate change by visiting Climate Change and Sustainability.


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