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Russia: Foreign citizens with antibodies to be able to receive COVID-certificates

21 Feb 2022 3:00 AM | Deleted user

Starting February 21, 2022 foreign citizens will be able to receive COVID-certificates with a QR code certifying the presence of antibodies to the COVID-19 pathogen, according to the published resolution of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

Such a certificate can be obtained by foreign citizens who have antibodies detected as a result of laboratory tests conducted in an organization that conducts tests for the presence of antibodies and is connected to the system of the federal budgetary institution of science "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology" of Rospotrebnadzor, on the territory of the Russian Federation and uploaded to the Gosuslugi portal. The certificate will be issued within three days and will be valid for six months.

The certificate will be valid for six months.

A certificate based on the results of the antibody test will be issued after the information is posted on the Gosuslugi portal within three calendar days from the date of submission of the relevant application. As in the case of obtaining a certificate of vaccination, the document will be generated automatically in Russian and English, and can be sent by e-mail or downloaded in PDF format.

To receive a certificate, foreign citizens must enter the following information on the "specialized page" of Gosuslugi website: date of birth, ID number and "order number of the laboratory test".

The certificate will contain data on the date of the test, the method of testing and the medical organization that carried it out, and the user's personal number will also be indicated on the Gosuslugi.

At the same time, the requirements for the level of antibodies have not been established – their presence in the body is sufficient.