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New Requirements for Foreigners Obtaining Work Permits after October 31, 2021

29 Oct 2021 9:45 AM | Deleted user

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

According to the information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation, please be informed that the law, which amends rules of medical check up for foreign nationals obtaining work and residence permits in Russia, HQS work permits included, takes effect on October 31, 2021.

Which law introduces the changes?

Federal law No. 357-FZ dated 2 July 2021

What are the key changes?

1. In case of approval of a work permit application, HQS work permit included, visa-required foreign nationals must submit medical documents confirming results of their medical check-up in Russia to the responsible migration authority.

The deadline for submitting these documents is 30 calendar days from the date of entry in Russia Failure to submit the documents within the deadline is legal basis for work permit cancellation.

NB! The medical check-up includes tests for narcomania, HIV and several infectious diseases, which are hazardous for population, included in the list approved by Order the Ministry of Health of Russia N. 384н dated 29.06.2015.

2. Requirement to provide medical documents is also prescribed for the purpose of obtaining temporary residence permits (TRP), permanent residence permits (PRP) and upon submitting applications for work patents.

3. The chief executive authority of each Russian region must approve the list of clinics authorized to conduct medical check-ups for the purpose of obtaining work permits, patents, TRP and PRP.

NB! In the territory of the city of Moscow the relevant list is approved by the Decree of the Government of Moscow No. 1517-ПП dated 28.09.2021 (takes force on 31.10.2021). This list includes only one medical institution – State Budgetary Institution of healthcare of the city of Moscow "Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Dermatovenerology and Cosmetology of the Department of Healthcare of the City of Moscow".

Intermark comments

The law does not provide for exceptions for HQS employees, which means that visa required HQS employees must also pass medical check-ups and submit relevant documents in order to avoid cancellation of their work permits.

In our estimation, this requirement does not apply to work permit corrections and renewals, yet we recommend checking necessity of providing medical documents in such cases with specific migration office.

Holders of valid medical documents procured in accordance with the above-mentioned requirements will not need to pass another medical check-up after 29 December 2021 (in accordance with the law 274-FZ dated 01.07.2021 which introduces regular medical check-ups for all foreign employees), until the medical documents expire.

We will be monitoring closely the practice of implementation of the new rules in relation to HQS employees after the law takes effect.

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals who enter to Russia for collection of work permits after 31.10.2021 as well as those obtaining work patents, TRPs and PRPs.


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